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Why Choose Manor Adventure UK

Quality of Manor Adventure Instructors

  • Best trained instructors in the industry
  • Most qualified instructors in the industry
  • Most mature and dedicated instructors in the industry
  • Best paid - so we attract the best candidates

Industry trend

Is to employ instructors on NVQ apprenticeship schemes. This means instructors tend to be 18-19 year olds on £2.73 per hour, looking after your children!

Supervision and Support 24/7

We do not operate 'Groupies'. We encourage children to be independent and to develop social skills and develop confidence, whilst under the watchful eye of our instructors.

Industry trend

The current industry trend is to employ Groupies to run evening entertainment programmes.

In the UK we offer outdoor pursuits in the evenings - much better value! It is obviously much more expensive for us to operate outdoor pursuits rather than evening entertainment, but it is much more beneficial for the children!

Best programmes available in the school market

  • Tailor made programmes
  • Five 1½ hour outdoor pursuit sessions per day!
  • Monday - Friday 19 sessions
  • Monday - Wednesday 9 sessions
  • Wednesday - Friday 9 sessions
  • Friday - Sunday 9 sessions
  • Friday - Monday 14 sessions

We offer much better programmes than any other operator in the UK. No fillers or evening entertainments as we maximise each child's experience by offering proper outdoor pursuits all day 9am to 9pm

Industry trend

The current industry trend is to either offer shorter sessions, which means not all children have a go, or to run the sessions like a theme park or holiday club. This is not educational!

Highly Trained Instructors

Proper outdoor pursuits with highly trained top class instructors. Each activity has a briefing and debriefing session to maximise the educational aspect of the session.

Industry trend

The current industry trend is to offer outdoor pursuits with many fillers and evening entertainments so our competitors need less qualified instructors as their programmes are much easier to operate. But this is not as educational and not as beneficial to the children!

Over 90% rebooking rate

Our UK rebooking rate speaks for itself.

Industry trend

None of our competitors come close.

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